Screening for Cancer and Other Breast Abnormalities

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in her life— and while women of all ages can get breast cancer, your risk increases as you age. Therefore, breast examinations are an important part of any women’s healthcare checkup. During a breast examination, Dr. Frederick will check your breasts for any signs of cancer, lumps or other abnormalities. If further testing or diagnosis is required, Dr. Frederick and Hibiscus Medical can refer you to a specialist in the Washington, DC area.


How Do Breast Examinations Work?

Breast examinations are key to detecting cancer and abnormalities early on. The earlier that breast cancer is detected, the better chances you have for a full recovery. Prior to a breast examination, Dr. Frederick will leave the exam room and ask you to undress. You will be given a gown to wear that opens at the front. Once Dr. Frederick returns to the exam room, she will have you lift one arm at a time so that she can palpate each breast. This allows her to check for any lumps or other signs of breast cancer. If a lump is detected, Dr. Frederick will refer you to an oncologist or other specialist in the Washington, DC area for further diagnosis and treatment.

What Is A
Self-Breast Exam?

It is important to have a breast exam done by a trusted physician every 1-3 years. Completing a self-breast exam at home in conjunction with a clinical breast exam by Dr. Frederick can also help detect any abnormalities. A self-breast exam consists of the following:

  • Look at your breasts in the mirror and ensure they are their usual size, shape and color. Check to see if one breast looks significantly larger than the other, or if a nipple has changed position.

  • Look to see if any fluid or discharge is coming from one or both nipples.

  • Lift your arm above your head. Using a circular motion and firm pressure, feel your breast along all sides to check for lumps. Repeat on the other breast.

If you find any abnormalities or have any questions after completing a self-breast exam, call Hibiscus Medical at 202-350-1546 or schedule an appointment on our website. Dr. Frederick at the Hibiscus Medical team can address your concerns, answer your question and complete a more-detailed exam.


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