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Between school, work, taking care of children and other obligations, we understand that your life can get pretty busy. Coupled with the uncertainty and constraints surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to schedule an in-person appointment. Hibiscus Medical is proud to offer telehealth appointments, so you can be seen by Dr. Frederick from the comfort of your home! Telehealth appointments consist of secure video chats between you and Dr. Frederick, where she can listen to your symptoms and concerns and develop a customized treatment plan.


Telehealth Services

Many of Hibiscus Medical’s trusted services are eligible for telehealth visits. These include but are not limited to:

  • Every other follow-up visit for chronic medical conditions

  • Minor acute illnesses such as rashes and vaginal yeast infections for both new and established patients

  • Consultations for mental health services

Because some services require more hands-on care, some appointment types do not qualify for telehealth. These include but are not limited to:

  • New patients establishing a treatment plan for chronic medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease, COPD and more

  • Testing for STD/STIs, Pap smears, etc.

  • Vaccine and immunization appointments

If you are unsure if your treatment needs are eligible for telehealth, call us at 202-350-1546.

How Telehealth
Appointments Work

If you are an established patient and you would like to schedule a telehealth appointment with Dr. Frederick of Hibiscus Medical, first call our office at 202-350-1546. After contacting our office in Washington, D.C., a member of the Hibiscus Medical team will reach out to schedule an appointment with you and get more information.

On the day of your scheduled appointment, you will receive a Zoom link in your email for your telehealth appointment with Dr. Frederick.

All conversations had between you and Dr. Frederick during your telehealth appointment will remain confidential and HIPAA compliant.

Compassionate, high-quality medical care from a trusted physician is just a click or a phone call away! Call Hibiscus Medical in Washington, D.C at 202-350-1546 or schedule your appointment on our website to get started with us!


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