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At Hibiscus Medical in Washington D.C., we understand that women have a special set of healthcare needs. As a board certified internal medicine physician, Debralee Frederick, MD is trained in many areas of women’s health and can perform many of the same services as your gynecologist. This reduces the number of physicians that you need to see for routine issues and allows Hibiscus Medical to be your one-stop shop for all of your medical needs. If further evaluation and treatment are required by a specialist, Dr. Frederick will work with you and refer a trusted physician in the area.


Women’s Health Services We Offer

Dr. Frederick is experienced in treating a variety of routine women’s health issues for women of all ages. She aims to educate women in a comfortable and judgment-free environment so they can make the most informed decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Our women’s health services include but are not limited to:

  • Menstrual disorders

  • Vaginal infections (yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and more)

  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Because of her specialization in internal medicine, Dr. Frederick can examine how your overall health contributes to your reproductive and sexual health for a more comprehensive treatment experience.

What to Expect

While each patient’s needs are different, routine women’s health exams at Hibiscus Medical begin with an interview between you and Dr. Frederick. This initial conversation will allow Dr. Frederick to ask questions regarding:

  • Current medications and/or contraceptives

  • Symptoms or issues

  • Vaccination history

  • STD/STI history

  • Medical history

  • Family history

  • Menstrual cycle

  • If you are sexually active

Following this initial conversation, Dr. Frederick will leave the room and have you undress. You will be given a gown to wear that opens at the front. The comprehensive physical exam includes:

  • Breast exam to screen for cancer or other abnormalities

  • Head and neck exam

  • Abdominal exam

  • Dermatological exam around the pelvis

  • STD/STI test

  • Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer or HPV

If you need to make any changes to your contraception or medications, Dr. Frederick can discuss your options and make adjustments based on your needs. After your appointment, Dr. Frederick and the Hibiscus Medical team will contact you for your test results, including your Pap smear, STD/STI test or any other screenings that were taken during your appointment.

Why Regular Pelvic Exams Are Important

Even if you are not pregnant or experiencing any reproductive or sexual issues, it is important to see a physician every year for a pelvic exam. Regular women’s health exams help you to better understand your overall reproductive and sexual health and can detect any serious issues such as cancer or HIV in their early stages. The earlier that more serious health issues are detected and diagnosed, the better chances you have of making a full recovery or effectively managing your symptoms.

Take control of your reproductive and sexual health today! Dr. Debralee Frederick and the Hibiscus Medial team are here to help you live your happiest and healthiest life. Call us today at 202-350-1546 or schedule an appointment on our website to get started.


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