Compassionate, Specialized Care For Seniors

At Hibiscus Medical in Washington, D.C., we understand that our seniors require specialized medical care that integrates mental, physical and therapeutic treatment. Consistent, compassionate geriatric medicine allows seniors to live their lives as comfortably as possible, despite the health challenges they may face. Debralee Frederick, MD, works with elderly patients to provide all the medical care that they need in one place.


Why Geriatric Medicine?

According to the National Council on Aging, over 80% of seniors have at least one chronic condition such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease or heart disease. Furthermore, 1 in 4 older Americans will suffer from a fall each year, leading to injury, head trauma, hospitalization and in extreme cases, death. Seniors also often have behavioral health issues, such as mental health disorders like anxiety and depression or substance abuse. Given these special health issues that seniors face, geriatric medicine offers a solution— providing seniors with trusted, comprehensive care that meets all of their medical needs.

What Does Geriatric Medicine Entail?

Dr. Debralee Frederick is dedicated to providing our senior patients with the highest-quality care. She understands that teamwork is the foundation of a successful treatment plan, and will work with other members of your healthcare team such as:

  • Pharmacists

  • Social workers

  • Family members

  • Physical therapists

How Can We Help?

In addition to routine wellness and preventative care, Dr. Frederick can also diagnose and monitor the following conditions with medication and/or behavioral therapy:

Fall risk assessments determine how likely a patient will suffer a fall based on their physical and mental health and environment. This includes vision and physical assessments. Dr. Frederick will work with the patient’s family and/or social workers to ensure their home environment is as safe and healthy as possible to prevent future falls.

Incontinence, or involuntary urination, affects many older adults. Dr. Frederick can prescribe medications, suggest exercises or implement other methods to help manage urination.

As with other chronic conditions, Dr. Frederick will closely monitor patients’ vitals and blood levels and prescribe medication as needed. Additionally, she can offer exercise, diet and lifestyle advice to improve symptoms of chronic conditions.

Many seniors suffer from isolation, depression, and/or anxiety. As a board certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Frederick is trained in many areas of mental health and can provide medication and/or counseling to alleviate symptoms of mental disorders.

If you or an elderly loved one is looking for trusted geriatric care, look no further. Dr. Frederick and the Hibiscus Medical team in Washington, D.C. is committed to meeting our seniors’ medical needs all under one roof. Call us at 202-350-1546 or schedule an appointment on our website to get started.


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