Monitoring Your Progress After A Hospital Stay

If you were recently discharged from the hospital or visited the Emergency Room, it is important to see a trusted healthcare provider for a follow-up visit. We will monitor your response to medical treatment and determine what additional diagnostic test, treatment and/or subspecialty referral is needed. Debralee Frederick, MD, has experience in both internal medicine and hospital care and can ensure that you are healing from your hospital stay as seamlessly as possible.


Why Do I Need A Hospital Discharge Follow-Up Visit?

If you recently visited the hospital due to an allergic reaction, surgery, an accident or another emergency service, it is important to follow up with Dr. Frederick. She can ensure that you are healing as you should and can determine if any further treatment is needed. While a follow-up visit will vary based on your condition, there are a few things to expect during your appointment.

Updating Your Medical History

As your adult primary care provider, Dr. Frederick needs to stay up-to-date on your medical history. This allows her to better understand your overall health and well-being, and allows her to make more informed decisions about your care and treatment. If you recently were discharged from the hospital, and follow-up visit gives you the opportunity to inform Dr. Frederick of these changes to your medical history for a more comprehensive treatment experience. During this time, you can disclose what happened that led to your hospital stay, what occurred in the hospital and any changes to lifestyle or medication that the hospital staff recommended.

Checking Your Vitals

Following a stay at the hospital, Dr. Frederick will want to ensure that your vital signs are normal. Depending on the reason for your hospital stay, Dr. Frederick may monitor your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, lungs, and in some cases, run blood tests.

Reviewing Test Results

In some cases, Dr. Frederick will review test results that were conducted during your stay at the hospital. This is because some test results require a few days to be fully processed and analyzed. Dr. Frederick can review these test results with you and determine if any further testing or treatment is required.


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