One of the more daunting and grown-up decisions we must make is who we decide to trust to care for our health maintenance. From big corporations to non-profits to individual private practices, the options seem to go on and on! How do you choose? If you are looking for the best care, a personal connection with your provider, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can trust in the person responsible for your health, the decision to see a small practice provider should be at the top of your list.

Why A Small Practice?small practice

Studies have shown that practices with only 1-2 providers on-site had 33% fewer hospital admissions than practices with upwards of 10-19 physicians. What this shows is the providers at smaller clinics are building a more personal relationship with their patients and are taking the time to assess their individual needs to prevent hospitalizations that could have been managed by earlier primary care intervention. This same statistic proved true for physician-owned private practices vs. hospital-owned practices. It is not that large corporations are providing a sub-par level of care, but rather the unparalleled excellent quality provided by small practice providers. Overall, working with a small, consistent team and getting to know your patients on a personal level pays off.

How Do I Choose A Small Practice?

The best way to decide which small practice provider is best for you is word-of-mouth. Asking your friends who their providers are and what they like most about them will greatly benefit you in making your decision. Know what you are looking for in a provider. When in doubt, turn to the internet. Therefore, writing reviews for small practice clinicians is so important. So many people turn to the internet and the word-of-mouth setting it provides when they are trying to make any decision, not just where they want to go for their healthcare. Taking the feedback from people you know and what people in the community are saying is a great way to build a picture of who these clinicians are before you even see them. Once you have made your decision and established care, do not forget to do your part and submit a review to help the next person along.

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