Choosing a primary care physician is one of the most important choices a person will make pertaining to their overall well-being. This is the person who will diagnosis your issues, ensure you have effective treatment and offer pertinent information on how to stay healthy.

When making this choice there are two categories of doctor’s offices to choose from – small practices and large corporations. Large corporations tend towards being the most often chosen because they have the funds and resources necessary for extensive advertising. The benefits of small practices, however, are much wider reaching.

Benefits of Small Practices vs Large Corporations

There are many benefits associated with the patronage of small practices over large corporations. Here we list just a few.

small practices

More Personalized Care

Small practices are able to offer more personalized care because they take on fewer patients. This also equates to a shorter waiting period in-office and quicker appointment scheduling. Corporate offices sometimes have extensive waiting periods, and it can take months to get an appointment.


Small practices are more inclined to know their patients by name and less likely to make errors in medications, diseases, etc. because of their familiarity with each individual person. Due to the high volume of patients, corporate offices lack this. Not only this, but patients may not even see the same doctor each visit.

Boost The Local Economy

Small practices are better for the local economy. This is because the money made goes back into the community via those employed there. With larger corporations, the money is sent out of the community to a headquarters elsewhere, where it is then divvied up according to their mass payroll.

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